We are building privacy into this app, as we would like to see it as users ourselves. Privacy is important to us. We don’t like to leave personal information all over the internet, unless there is a clear service offered to us that requires this information.

The app gathers anonymized usage information to allow us to improve the app in the best way for our users. However, we have decided against having user accounts to store user-created data at all at this point. User (vs. usage) data is only stored within the user’s own private cloud service. We offer storage in Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive for now. The app transfers data from the user’s mobile phone to the user’s own cloud storage without transmitting any of this data to us as the developer of the Herotime service. For cloud storage, we request only a minimum number of privileges so that the app can store its own data. The app does not request or attempt to access any of the user’s other data in these cloud services.

We do not employ a backend with which the Herotime app communicates at all at present. There are no central databases owned, managed and accessed by us. In the future, for certain synchronization operations as well as additional services that require this, we may employ a limited backend, but not for now.

For any further details, see the general privacy policy to be found at www.smartstopwatch.com/privacy/