Summary. This ONLINE USER GUIDE presents select aspects of the stopwatch app and complements the in-app user guide. It is not a replacement of the latter. Sections are titled the same way as in the app.

The Herotime stopwatch app comes with a fairly complete user guide that you can access in the Settings view’s Help section under User Guide. The guide is split into sub-sections, which open as individual views for different topics. The Settings view keeps these topic-specific views open so that you go can back and forth between user guide and the part of the app that you are seeking help for. So, please take advantage of this, if some of the more advanced functionality is not immediately obvious, as is to be expected.

Herotime is a professional stopwatch, whose functionality goes far beyond that of most, if not all, existing handheld stopwatch. We are trying to make everything as accessible as possible (your feedback on difficulties is very welcome as usually!). However, you may need to read up on some things once in a while. Or, just drop me a note and I’ll try to help you out.

Work in progress. I will add more information over time and as particular questions come up.


Managing Athletes

Managing Groups

The Stopwatch

Timing History