Video Tutorials

Learn about the app’s main functions through this series of short tutorial videos (work in progress):

  1. Overview of app navigation
  2. Managing and selecting athletes
  3. Timing basics
  4. Taking stride/stroke rates
  5. Multi timing: Start phase
  6. Multi timing: Runtime details
  7. Reviewing timing history
  8. Sharing and export
  9. Export service details

Until these videos are available or if you prefer reading up on things, find more details below. Please feel free to also just drop us a quick note to, if you have any further questions!

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Multi Timing Scenario

Herotime can be used in the same way as an old-school handheld stopwatch with just a single athlete or pseudo-athlete selected. When multiple athletes are timed, Herotime supports any number of athletes starting in any groups potentially one after the other. There are just two assumptions that must be satisfied:

  1. All athletes go through the same process with the same number of split times/points.
  2. All athletes start before the first athlete reaches the first split time/point.

Complexity of timing multiple athletes scales with the speed at which you, the timekeeper, can identify athletes reaching their split marks (usually quite high) as well as the number of times that (a) athletes change positions in a race and in particular (b) a faster athlete laps slower athletes. With typically fairly even-paced athletes being timed together, the sky is the limit in multi-athlete timing with Herotime.

When athletes drop out of a race prematurely, for example, due to a cramp, just make sure to indicate this to the watch through the “Drop here” operation (in the mid-tap menu). When athletes lap each other, indicate the last split time, that is, the end of the race, for just the first finisher through the “Finished here” operation (also in the mid-tap menu). Both of these are operations that are fairly rarely required, though.

Main App Structure

The Herotime app has three main views that you can access in a circular fashion by swiping left or right between: AthletesWatchHistoryAthletes. Athletes is the initial view when starting the app. From there you can go left to the timing History or right to the Watch, but only, if you have selected one or more athletes to time or review.

Athletes View

Here you can add, remove and change the order of athletes through one of the top menu items ‘+‘ and Edit. Notice that athletes are defined through just a short code of six characters consisting of only numbers and letters, starting with a letter. Codes must be unique. You can use upper- and lower-case letters freely. But there cannot be two athlete codes that differ only in upper or lower spelling.

Bottom (Main) Menu

The bottom menu gives you access to support and legal information (under Help) and the settings. It allows you to selectively share athletes’ recent timing history by email (in the center) or export the entire recent history for all athletes to all connected services enabled for this in the Settings view. The right-most menu entry lets you switch to Watch view as an alternative to swiping left, whenever there is at least a single athlete selected.

Watch View

Time one or more athletes by tapping the single, large start/split button in the top center. Sort time records under the start/split button by overall split time (tap left) or grouped by athletes (tap right). Access more functionality through the mid-tap menu. Save or discard the timing session once completed. The Watch view is locked as long as a timing session is in progress to avoid accidental mis-taps or leaving of the view.

History View

To the right of the Watch view and thus accessible from the Watch view with a swipe left whenever there is no timing session currently in progress, this view shows the recent (48 hours) history of the currently selected/timed athletes. Like in the Watch view a tap left sorts information by overall split time. A tap right groups records by athlete. A middle tap toggles the view between detail view and summary view. In summary view, only final times (in the center) and recording times (on the left) are show with the athlete they belong to. In detail view, all possible split and lap times as well as related meta information such as stride/stroke rates are shown in addition.

Export clears history data. Yet the History view still shows the most recent timing history for the past 24 hours, if any.