How can I make the stopwatch stop?

Once you have taken all the start, split and stop times for the currently selected athletes, just decide whether you want to preserve this data long-term or only wanted to see it right now. Then tap Save or Discard, respectively, at the top of the Watch view. That resets and thus stops the watch. (You may see a confirmation dialog in between. You can switch this safety measure on or off in the Settings.)

Otherwise, you can’t stop the watch, sorry. And why would you? Think about it: This would just require another button that you would have to properly hit in the middle of a timing session. You really don’t want to have that.

How can I help Herotime?

Thanks for asking! There are at least three things you can help us with:

  1. If the app is not working as expected or even crashes, do let us know about it by submitting a support request. Same, if documentation is insufficient for you to understand how certain things work.
  2. If you have general feedback or there is an enhancement or extension of the app that you would really like to see implemented, submit this, too.
  3. If you just like the app and want to provide some encouragement (we love to hear that, too!), consider
    1. submitting a review to the Apple App Store. It’s a bit of work, we understand, but we would really appreciate it!
    2. telling anyone you know about it, for example, by sending them an email like this.
    3. liking Herotime on Facebook at

Is there a community of Hero timekeepers that use Herotime?

Yes there is. Timing experts can request to join this private Facebook group: (or the German-speaking alternative group at We may ask you to fill out this quick form (click here) to accept you into the group (German version here).

Of course, you can also just follow us on our public Facebook page at You may miss out on some great insights, though.