As a long-time competitive (now Masters) swimmer presently based in Berlin, Germany, I saw coaches’ need to eliminate paper work and desire to fully utilize the power of smartphones to get done more during training sessions. So far, pro coaches spent a lot of time documenting their athletes’ progress manually or just lose a lot of highly valuable performance data (often the latter). So, after a lot of experimentation since 2015 and with the help of top international coaches I invented a new way of timing not just one athlete, but several at the same time.

The new timing process and its realization as iPhone app also addresses the one shortcoming of a smartphone vs. an old-school handheld stopwatch: No central, physical buttons for immediate haptic feedback. The process and smartphone-based device turned out to be so new — or maybe even to be the last innovation in handheld timing before we all carry implanted timing chips to measure everything automatically — that I submitted a patent application with a leading law firm.

I am now making more people aware of this new opportunity to replace a stopwatch with a smarter device, or, for example, as an athlete, parent or supported, just not waste any money on an outdated, dedicated timing device in the first place.

With making a name for myself in the high-end stopwatch space, people also started contacting me for help regarding their very specific, unsolved timing problems: Timing rally motorsports events as a spectator and, most recently, also timing Nordic cross-country skiers. People have called the resulting RallyTime Pro timing app, too, “Fantastic app” and “Just What i’ve been looking for for a long time… Thanks a lot !!!!!! You saved my day”.

Berlin, early 2017