You want to be a top swim coach, right? (Or maybe you already are.) But you hate the grind work of compiling athletes’ performance data from competitions and workouts to systematically monitor their long-term performance.

Eliminate your paper and spreadsheet work for monitoring your athletes’ crucial performance data in 5 minutes with zero commitment and cost right now by joining a select group of elite timekeepers to try out THE multi stopwatch app innovation for iPhone and iPod touch!

Did you know that top swim coaches spend enough time on preserving timing and stroke rate data on paper and later copying and compiling that data into computer spreadsheets that they can as well be classified as office secretaries instead of professional coaches?

Did you know that high-end handheld stopwatches are still being sold for 200$+ (or Euros or…). And the only main benefit they have is the number of split times they can store? For another 200 or more you can buy a special printer on top to at least automatically preserve a valuable timing history on… paper… where all of us still keep and share our most precious information, right? Because, who’s ever heard about a computer, or a spreadsheet? There are exceptions: Stopwatches with some limited export functionality. But they are expensive, you have to use a special program, which you are then locked into forever, and you still need to sort out which time might belong to which swimmer. Messy, to say the least.

As you will know, at World Championships and even Olympics, the most highly regarded national coaches have traditionally sat through every of their nation’s best athletes’ races and taken detailed stroke rates for every single lane and noted them down on paper, even missing out on closely observing the athletes’ race technique or enjoying their outstanding performance. Split times with detailed stroke rates are just THAT important for doing an immediate post-race analysis and improving for the following race.

All elite swim coaches for the past decades until this day have taken this timing and stroke rate data, yet had to spent hours writing the data down and re-compiling it as paper notes, today even having to convert it into Excel spreadsheets on top. With my new multi stopwatch app you can do all this instantly with the tap of a button, and the performance data available to you as a neatly compiled table immediately will be more complete and overall more useful than coaches had to rely on before.

I can make you a better swim coach while taking away much of your overhead work through a multi stopwatch app with the easiest to use, yet most sophisticated stroke rate module ever and instant data export that is available for a limited number of qualifying elite timekeepers for free right now. People call the app the last true innovation in manual timekeeping before everybody wears embedded chips under their skin to measure just about everything.

When using this app,

    • you save hours of paperwork after every competition and in many workouts
    • your athletes will pay more attention to your instructions, because you have data to back them up
    • for the first time, you can time multiple athletes even when they start into a common race or exercise in multiple groups one after the other; and no, you don’t have to be a finger artist for this
    • everyone else will think you to be more professional, so you will have a better reputation amongst peers, parents and officials