Good things take time: U.S. Patent 11,080,947 granted on Dec 19, 2021

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[German version a little further down] All good things take a good while… or so the saying goes. If that’s true, this must be the latest and greatest invention the handheld timing industry will ever see: The U.S. Patent office granted a “Method of timing multiple entities, timekeeping device and timing application” to us on December 19, 2021. So, please note that the core of Herotime Smart Stopwatch is now protected under

U.S. Patent No. 11,080,947

Please, talk to us before replicating the uniquely simple yet capable multi-timing technology that Herotime is based on.

Here is the sneak preview pf the patent application by the way:

U.S. Patent endlich eingetragen

Am 19.12.2021 ist das Patent zu Herotime endlich in den USA, dem Hauptmarkt für alles, was mit Sporttechnologie zu tun hat, eingetragen worden. Das U.S. Patent Office hat damit die Methode, mehrere Entitäten zu stoppen, Zeitnahme-Gerät und Zeitnahme-Applikation (“Method of timing multiple entities, timekeeping device and timing application”) offiziell für neu und einmalig erklärt. Alles zu finden unter:

U.S. Patent No. 11,080,947

Also, reden Sie gerne mit uns, bevor Sie die Technologie selber einsetzen wollen. Wir sind für alle Gespräche offen.

Making an Affordable Neck Strap Case for Sports Stopwatch Apps

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Naturally, I have used stopwatch apps extensively on the go in recent years. Doing so, I quickly noticed that a stopwatch app such as mine isn’t the only thing that’s needed to replace an old-school, handheld stopwatch — no matter how good the app is. I really don’t have enough hands to reserve one of them exclusively to hold a smartphone. How am I supposed to take notes or demonstrate something with just one hand? On top, sports timing usually involves walking around in outdoor environments or, as in my case, at a pool. I really don’t want to drop my precious smartphone, let alone right into the pool. What to do?

World’s best sports stopwatch (app) finally launched?

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Dear ...,

The following app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale:

App Name: Herotime – Smart Multi Stopwatch
App Version Number: 2.0
App Type: iOS

[German here] This is how Apple kindly alerts you as an app innovator about the public launch of a new version of an app such as the Herotime smart stopwatch. This is certainly not the first time I see this email message. However, it is probably the most exciting one so far. Why?

RallyTime Pro – Interval-Start Stopwatch for Spectators

By on August 16, 2016 in DE, EN, Product News

[German brief here] Only a few weeks ago, a motorsport rally fan got back to me saying “I like your smart stopwatch, but I need something a little different”. The resulting new rally timing app just went live toady. The person, as it turns out, was a huge fan and industry insider of rally series such as the World Rally Championship (on Facebook) and the many smaller, local events. There is a great community behind the car rallye sport (for some, it’s a rally, for others a rallye) in particular in Northern and Central Europe, but also all the way to Africa and Australia.

The Ultimate Stopwatch App Overview

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[German here] With all those stopwatch apps I have inspected to learn that there really isn’t any truly useful SPORTS stopwatch app out there already, there is quite a bit of insight I have to share. So, today I am launching a stopwatch app overview that I hope to extend and update over time. Check out “The Ultimate Stopwatch App Overview” to learn more about stopwatch apps in general and their utility to the realm of sports in particular.

Sports Timing Solutions, Systems and Service Providers

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Handheld stopwatches and their stopwatch app counterpart are just one way to time athletes. Its the only way in situations where there is no automatic means to measure times available, because auto-timing is just not feasible. And there are quite a few other reasons. Nevertheless, in competitions and beyond, in many kinds of sports, various timing solutions beyond manual timing by stopwatch exist.

In a new contribution, I am trying to give a first overview what else is out there in terms of sports timing. This may develop into a more complete reference for sports timing as well as some suggestions where to find a sports timing service provider for an event. I look forward to extending this sports timing overview. Check it out, if you like. And if you have a particular question or demand, let me know how I can help you out and point you in the right direction.

Launching very soon

By on October 15, 2015 in DE, EN, Update

[German here] It has taken us quite a while to perfect the last replacement of your professional handheld stopwatch collection that you’ll ever need. Whether you use the 20$ (or 20€) standard stopwatch model, the throw-away watch for 10, a more decent model for 50 or even the high-end model for $150 with stride/stoke rate measurement, you won’t want to hold on to any of those once you’ve used HEROTIME smartstopwatch. Promised.