Version 2.1 just went live on the app store. Make sure to download the update through the App Store app asap. Even if you are not managing a large enough team yet to benefit from groups, the new, longer athlete codes should be a major benefit. Thanks to those of you that made us aware that both of these extensions are important to you.

What’s new in detail? — Athlete codes before had a maximum of just 6 characters. This made it harder for you to assign meaningful names and then quickly identify, which code belonged to which athlete. We heard you. So, athlete codes can now have up to 12 characters (international character sets fully supported as before), as long as codes don’t go overboard in taking screen space. As a general guideline, any code a bit shorter in screen length than WWWWWW (that’s six times the letter ‘W’) should be fine. When adding a new athlete, the respective dialog will make it even clearer now, which codes are fine, using detailed error and hint messages.

Furthermore, some heavy stopwatch users of you pointed out to us that they are timing multiple groups of athletes; so many athletes, in fact, that it became hard to select the next set of athletes without a lot of scrolling. So, we added tags that you can assign to athletes to define and select groups of athletes — not unlike tags in Gmail, if you are a user of Google’s email service. And there is just one added view that lets you both assign tags to athletes as well as select the group to show on the main screen. When you select a set of athletes and hit the Athlete view’s title, you assign new tags to these athletes. When no athletes are selected when you tap the title, you select the group tags to limit the Athlete view to. Check out the in-app’s user guide with its new “Managing Groups” sections, or head over to our brand new online user guide with an intro video on groups.

The user guide is work in progress, by the way. It complements the in-app user guide, and we’ll add to it over time. Feel free to help us prioritize the content to be added to your most pressing questions.

Looking forward to more feedback and
Thanks for being with us!